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Making an old school cool again in Fortuna, North Dakota.



-A sign in the women's bathroom.

14010 ND Hwy 5. Fortuna,
North Dakota 58844

It began with a dream. A dream undaunted by leaky pipes, a collapsing roof, and no power to speak of. Owners Mike and Deb rebuilt the old school from the ground up, turning it into a mecca for locals and travelers alike. With a full service bar, excellent restaurant, general store, motel, and RV park, it truly is a one-of-a-kind find in the North West corner of North Dakota. 

The owners of the The Old School Center purchased The Old School in Fortuna, North Dakota, approximately 18000 sq ft 8 classrooms, a gym, kitchen, locker rooms, principal and v principal offices, sitting on 6 acres on North Dakota Highway 5 NW and County Road 7.  


Located 6 miles from the FORTUNA Canadian Port of Entry, a small port and 12 Miles East of Westby Montana.  This area is about 45 Miles North of Williston, North Dakota.

The school was purchased from its 3rd owner following the school district the City of Fortuna and Gene Johnson. Johnson who last had owned the property used used the 3500 SQ FT GYM for a auto body shop, and the 6 acres was full of old junk cars, the classrooms full of old transmissions, and engines.

The birds lived in the school as well coming through gaping holes in the roof and throughout the classrooms. The old flat roof was removed. In it’s place a pitched roof and  metal roof were installed over the damaged areas, leaving the gym and locker rooms, kitchen area etc a flat roof.

The front of the school first classroom and the two offices have been turned into a convenience store, a C Store.  We will offer Hot Soups, Hot Dogs and many variations of Hot Dogs, Pre-Packaged sandwiches for lunches, dinners and breakfasts, sodas, coffe, cappuccino etc.

The building continues to expand and grow with the addition of lodging, office space, a bar & grill, and rv park.

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